About company

The Limited liability partnership “Sapaengineering” was founded in 2006.

The purpose of facilitation and consulting in the field of keeping under the supervision thorough repairs, reconstructions and constructions of engineering networks, the  international, republican and local Highway significances, as well as by Highway engineering and mining prospect of all categories.

The LLP “Sapaengineering” has a well-equipped and well-situated office in the center of Taldykorgan city, Almaty region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Either company provides its projects with wide spectrum services, including material logistics, office accommodations, vehicles and other services of administration. The LLP “Sapaengineering” operates its  production activity since 2006. In the course of its activities the company is governed by legislation (standard) such as the Digest of typical technical specifications of engineering and Highway repair of Kazakhstan GORK 218-35-2014-the quality and taking-over of work control instruction in construction and Highway repairing, as well as the Rules for the provision of engineering services in the field of architecture, town-planning and building activities approved by government regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan 27.06.2005 №635 and other functioning standards in RK, also requirements NS RK 1041, GD 50 RK 10.

Being a new company, which provides an engineering services in the market by supervision of Highway construction, the company introduced itself  possessing good qualities as responsible, industrious and conscientious partner.

Within a short period of work in the market the company in close cooperation with the customer of the project have been provided services for supervision of construction in the reconstruction of Highways in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan which are of great importance in the development of economy, social and other important programs.

It should be noted that the service of an engineer on the supervision of the reconstruction and construction of Highways in the Republic of Kazakhstan was introduced in 2005 on the experience of international projects.

The LLP “Sapaengineering” is one of the first companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan established to provide consulting services. The management of the company adheres to the policy of non-conflict of interest with the customer. For any disputable matters during the implementation of projects, the company makes every effort to resolve the dispute in the direction of improving the quality of construction and protection of interests of the Customer. During the project implementation company has received a number of positive feedback from representatives of contractors and customers. In accordance with the requirements of the time for better providing services by the company introduced the international standard NS RK ISO 9001-2009 "Quality and Management Systems” and NS RK ISO 14001-2006 "Environmental Management System", NS RK OHSAS 18001-2008 "System management and occupational safety of health "for the design, research and providing technical escort services and engineering support in the construction of Highways and engineering networks.

The specialists of the company carried out the quality control of building materials and work on manual procedures on quality and operational control schemes which approved quality management system ISO 9001-2009, NS RK ISO 14001-2006, OHSAS 18001-2008 NS RK as well as quality control of materials used in the manufacture asphalt concrete and materials of cement-concrete. In its activity the company has a highly qualified administrative - managerial, engineering - technical staffs with extensive experience in the field of Highway construction and engineering networks. Moreover, the company attracts young specialists, creating a unique symbiosis of years of experience, wisdom and knowledge with healthy ambitions of young specialists with advanced computer skills and theoretical knowledge of the latest technologies in the construction and application of new building materials.

Young specialists, adopting the experience and knowledge of more senior colleagues and using the experience gained in modern construction methods, constantly improving their level of knowledge, they constitute the backbone of the future engineer - road workers of our republic.

The company's staff is constantly improved in various training programs, seminars and     in-service training courses. In case of need to increase the number of staff, there is an extensive database of experts in the field of road construction.


The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region,
Taldykorgan city, 040000, Tauelsizdik str., 53 house, 32 office.
l/p: +77710330746, fax: +7 7282 24 66 32
E-mail: sapa_eng@mail.ru