What do we do?

  • 1

    Consultancy services

    Our company provides consultancy services in the field of supervision of construction and installation works
  • 2

    Car roads

    Our company is mainly engaged in the technical supervision of the repairing, reconstruction and construction of roads of international, national and local importance
  • 3

    Road engineering

    We provide services in designing and finding roads of all categories
  • 4

    Other services

    The company also has expertises in the development of normative documents in the sphere of road supervision

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region,
Taldykorgan city, 040000, Tauelsizdik str., 53 house, 32 office.
l/p: +77710330746, fax: +7 7282 24 66 32
E-mail: sapa_eng@mail.ru